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r e m e m b H e r RETREAT

March 21, 2019

r e m e m b H e r

a divine feminine retreat in Boulder Town, Utah

with Tammy Minton Gitter

September 2-6, 2019

at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch

Come rest in the arms of the Mother in one of the most remote regions of the United States. Going up through the birth canal that is Zion Canyon and re-entering the womb at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch, we will practice asana on the Earth, drink from and swim in Her healing spring and creek Waters, hold Fire ceremonies under Her blanket of stars at night, and hike to ancient sites while breathing in the freshest of Air during the day. We will eat organic food grown with sustainable practices from the land and add in a daily restorative yoga and meditation practice enhanced with Reiki (Universal Energy) that will expand our awareness and help us to remember, as duality and time drops away, that we are always held in yoga(union) with the Divine Feminine and the All That Is.

Situated on 173 acres and located right off the scenic Hwy 12 (a bucket list all unto itself), Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch is nestled one mile from the illuminated Painted Desert of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and two miles below the abundant aspen and pine tree forested peaks of Boulder Mountain. It is surrounded by the Dixie National Forest and located in the area known as the Aquarius Plateau which is sandwiched between Capitol Reef National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, with Zion Canyon National Park to the south, and only a few miles from the famous Burr Trail.




 Yoga+Meditation || Restorative+Reiki || Hiking+Swimming || Ritual+Ceremony


We will take advantage of resting in the womb of the Mother by beginning each day with a light breakfast and Morning Sadhana that is complete, full, and never rushed. Based upon the day’s theme, we will enter a deep practice of mudra, mantra, asana, pranayama, and meditation that will connect to an element and energy of the Goddess and help us remember the Divine Feminine within. Afterwards, we will have free time to go play and explore in Her vast expanse that is around us. Regrouping in the afternoons for a workshop, hike, or outing will ready us for settling into a well deserved, daily Restorative Yoga and Reiki class. In the evenings, we will maintain our deep connection with the Mother, and each other, during family style organic dinners that are freshly prepared by the ranch’s very own Sweetwater Kitchen using plants grown and harvested on the land (meat protein is available). Ending each day with a ritual and ceremony will help us to integrate the theme of the day before walking home under the stars and drifting off to sleep in the arms of the Mother.

Included in Your Retreat Package

-Transportation to Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch from Las Vegas, NV
-Welcome packet
-Entrance fee into Zion National Park
-4 nights at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch; camping, dorm style, private room, and private cabins are available
-First night’s Dinner + 3 daily organic meals from the ranch’s on-site restaurant Sweetwater Kitchen (one lunch is optional due to going off-site) + Brunch on the last day; vegan, vegetarian, and other dietary requests can be accommodated when requested in advance
-Daily morning sadhana(practice) including asana, mudra, mantra, pranayama, and meditation
-Daily restorative yoga and reiki practice with 2 Reiki practitioners
-Evening ceremonies
-Various specialty workshops + special guests
-Transportation for any group off-site outings
-Transportation from Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch to Salt Lake City International Airport

Not included:

-Hotel stay in St.George, Utah (a block of rooms will be reserved at a discounted rate, are available to share, and full breakfast is included)
-Dinner in St. George, Utah
-Lunch on Day 1
-Any gratuities for Ranch staff or others
-Alcoholic Beverages
-Personal shopping
-Flights to Las Vegas, NV and Flights out of Salt Lake City, Utah (attendee is also responsible for hotel stay in Salt Lake City, if needed; arrival to SLC should be early enough to fly out same day)
-Any other transportation must be arranged by attendee; Tammy and the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch will assist you in making arrangements if possible

Retreat Packages

4 nights/5 days at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch. All prices are in USD.

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to hold your spot. Payment plans available upon request. Please see your options below.
 Terms & Conditions are available here.

The Main Lodge

The Main Lodge has a congregation area known as The Great Room, with six lodging rooms and a wrap-around deck with spectacular views. Accommodations are rustic and simple. Sweetwater Kitchen and the reservations office are also located in the Main Lodge. It is an ideal place for gatherings or stargazing. All rooms have air conditioning and WiFi is available.

Upper Suite

$1750.00-Single Occupancy  -OR-  Queen Bedroom 1- $1515 and Queen Bedroom 2- $1515 (A  3% service charge is added if using PayPal option. You can send the deposit of $300 or full payment via Venmo to @TammyGitter to avoid charges.)




This two-room suite located in the main lodge has a queen bed in each room. Private bathroom with shower. Private deck with table and chairs. Window air conditioning unit, a mini refrigerator and WiFi with a private entrance.

Upper Suite

Lodge Room 4-$1685- Single Occupancy only (A  3% service charge is added if using PayPal option. You can send the deposit of $300 or full payment via Venmo to @TammyGitter to avoid charges.)
Room 4 is located on the main level of the lodge adjacent to the Great Room where the views are spectacular. It has a queen bed with a private bathroom. The room has air conditioner and WiFi.

Lodge Room 4

Lodge Room 5-$1655- Single Occupancy only (A  3% service charge is added if using PayPal option. You can send the deposit of $300 or full payment via Venmo to @TammyGitter to avoid charges.)  *RESERVED*

Room 5 is located on the main level of the lodge and adjacent to the Great Room where the views are spectacular. It has a queen bed with a private bathroom. The room has air conditioner and WiFi.

Lodge Room 5


Lodge Room 8- $1605- Single Occupancy only (A 3% service charge is added if using PayPal option. You can send the deposit of $300 or full payment via Venmo to @TammyGitter to avoid charges. *RESERVED*

Located on the third floor of the main lodge, this room has a queen bed accented by handmade aspen furniture. There are two bathrooms on the third floor where the bunk rooms are also located. These two full bathrooms are shared between the three rooms on the “Bunk” floor. The third floor has a common area with a couch, sofa chair, coffee table and a deck. The room has air conditioner and WiFi.

Lodge Room 8



$1320/per person (A  3% service charge is added if using PayPal option. You can send the deposit of $300 or full payment via Venmo to @TammyGitter to avoid charges.) Photo taken during construction.

Camping on the land is an available option. It is a great way to ground, cleanse, and energize while developing an intimacy with the local habitat and environment. You will have use of an outdoor solar shower and bathroom. Each person who chooses to camp is responsible for organizing their own gear. Tammy will be happy to transport any extra gear (within reason).


Transportation & Logistics

r e m e m b H e r  Retreat begins on Monday, September 2nd when we leave St. George, Utah and enter Zion National Park. Plan on arriving at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, September 1, 2019 before 1:30pm. A shuttle service will pick you up at 3pm and drive you, and others, to St. George, Utah for the night (shuttle service is included in the cost of the retreat). If you would like to drive yourself or carpool to the retreat, please be in St.George, Utah NO LATER than the evening of September 1st.  

There will be a shuttle service (included) to Salt Lake City International Airport on Friday, September 6, 2019 where you can get an outgoing flight for 7pm or later.  Any other arrangements must be made by the participant(s). Tammy and Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch will assist you as much as possible and answer any questions as best we can. *I, personally, recommend taking advantage of the weekend and extending your vacation to explore Salt Lake City or the National Parks!* There will be no accommodations available at the ranch past Thursday night due to a weekend wedding.

Your Retreat Leader 


 “We are where Heaven and Earth meet.”~Tammy Minton Gitter
“This is the promise of the rainbow:  To show up splendidly in life and then gracefully dissolve back into the One.”~Tammy Minton Gitter

Tammy Minton Gitter is the founder of The Prismatic Path, a Reiki healing network, and Goddess Culture, a lifestyle brand that honors the Divine Feminine. Both are inspired by a vision that Tammy continues to see and experience every day:  We are each a prism, channel, vessel, for the Light of the Divine and the All That Is to shine through. Each of us carries an energetic blueprint for our lives, otherwise known as a path, or Dharma, that is as varied as there are people. It is in the refraction and display of unique colors that is each individual’s Life, that we get to experience this Divinity through Its Feminine energy, or Shakti, and it gets to experience us, Life, and Itself. Always co-creating and reminding us of who we are, She guides us down The Prismatic Path to the home in our Heart, where we join in union(yoga) with the All That Is, reminding us that we are where Heaven and Earth meet.

Tammy had her first spiritual experience at the age of 10 while fervently praying to Jesus Christ for forgiveness. He appeared before her and she was overcome with peace, serenity, and joy. She entered her first Spiritual Emergence(y) or Transformational Crisis (when the process of spiritual awakening disrupts normal functioning or creates trauma) the day after. She shared her experience with the adults around her who taught her to pray but they couldn’t hold her experience and even told her that it didn’t happen or that what came to her was evil in nature. This experience created a deep need for healing that went beyond dogma and religion; she couldn’t deny or forget what happened. Many years later, after many more spiritual and psychic experiences and subsequent crises, Tammy needed answers. Allowing divine intuition to lead, she was guided to travel the world and learn about, and ultimately rely upon, the ancient practices of yoga (Kashmir Shaivism (Tantra) in particular): with an emphasis on mantra, mudra, meditation, pranayama, and restorative yoga; Shamanic healing and Reiki; ancient Priestess Traditions; long distance hiking and being in nature; and the crafting of ritual and ceremony to innovate positive responses to life’s challenges as a Highly Sensitive Person who is also a psychic, empath, channel, and medium. As a guide and disseminator of knowledge, Tammy is passionate about facilitating and sharing safe sacred space where she can lead and support others in discovering and exploring their own path and connection to the Divine while remaining protected, grounded, and centered. All of this, ultimately, leading one to live a healthy, balanced, and authentic life that is connected to and informed by the Divine.

Om shanti shanti shanti. Namaste.

Tammy is a Spiritual Emergence and Transformational Crisis Adviser +  Reiki 3 Practitioner +  Yogini + Priestess + Writer/Storyteller and founder of The Prismatic Path and Goddess Culture.

Running Support For Our Group

Alison Christiansen is a certified yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and clinical social worker.

Alison Christiansen, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), 500hr Kriplau Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga began her journey with mindfulness and body work as a dancer. She was introduced to yoga as a teenager, which complemented dancing, though she quickly realized yoga was so much more than stretching. She was drawn to Kripalu Yoga in particular due to it’s emphasis on self-compassion and self-inquiry. Through yoga and daily meditation, her physical body simply became a vessel for the journey of transformation and she began to more truly learn the joy of living consciously in the present. Yoga, meditation, and spiritual community serve as the foundation of her daily life and have been essential in her own healing process from a diagnosis of thyroid cancer in her mid-20’s.  Alison currently works in private practice, and is deeply passionate about integrating mindfulness-based modalities into the work she does with individuals and groups. In particular, she specializes in aiding adolescents and adult women impacted by trauma and chronic illness. It is her personal mission to spread mindfulness-based practices and the importance of cultivating self-compassion to as many beings as she can.   

A desire for expansion brought Alison from Ithaca, NY to Los Angeles in 2018 and when in need of some grounding within the transition, found herself in Tammy’s restorative yoga class. An immediate connection was sparked and she is overjoyed to support this retreat.

Come relax, renew, and  r e m e m b H e r  in one of the most magical, mystical, and healing places on earth!


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