The Prismatic Path

“This is the promise of the rainbow:  To show up splendidly in life and then gracefully dissolve back into the One.” ~Tammy Minton Gitter

The Prismatic Path is inspired by a vision that Tammy continues to experience every day:  We are each a prism, channel, vessel, for the Light of the Divine and the All That Is to shine through. Each of us carries an energetic blueprint for our lives, otherwise known as a path, or Dharma, that is as varied as there are people. It is in the refraction and display of unique colors that is each individual’s Life, that we get to experience this Divinity and it gets to experience us, Life, and Itself. Always co-creating and reminding us of who we are, It guides us down The Prismatic Path to the home in our Heart, where we join in union(yoga) with the All That Is.

Tammy’s Prismatic Path led her to various crises, including lived experience with Spiritual Emergence(y) or Transformational Crisis (when the process of spiritual awakening disrupts normal functioning) creating a deep need for healing that went beyond dogma and religion. Allowing divine intuition to lead, she was guided to learn about, and ultimately rely upon, the ancient practices of yoga: with an emphasis on mantra, mudra, pranayama and restorative; energetic healing and Reiki; walking meditation; and others; while often crafting unique and innovative responses to life’s challenges as a Highly Sensitive Person who is also a psychic, empath, channel and medium.

As a guide and disseminator of knowledge, Tammy is passionate about facilitating, creating and sharing safe, sacred space where she can advise and support others in discovering, exploring and navigating their own Prismatic Path and energetic blueprint. It is through this sacred space that individuals become grounded, centered and empowered while curating their own innovative and supportive self-care regimens for their emerging Souls, ultimately guiding themselves back to the home in their Hearts.

In Love and Devotion,

Tammy is a Spiritual Emergence and Transformational Crisis Adviser +  Reiki 3 Practitioner +  Yogini + Priestess + Writer/Storyteller and founder of The Prismatic Path.

Photo taken by Tammy Minton Gitter in Sequoia National Monument.  “Mandala In the Sky”~ Promises were made and promises are being kept.