Tammy is available to meet with you as a Spiritual Awakening Adviser, with an emphasis in Spiritual Emergency/Transformational Crisis, via Skype or FaceTime. Utilizing lived experience with Spiritual Emergence(y) and transformational crises, she will hold confidential, safe and sacred space for you to share your story and speak your truth while organically incorporating nuggets of wisdom, teachings and healing modalities that you can use in the moment and/or add to your daily practice, all the while empowering you to discover what you need for your Self.  Reach out via the contact page and she will respond to you within 24 hours. If you are in an emergency, and/or afraid you will harm yourself or others, please visit suicidehotlines.com or call 1-800-784-2433 for emotional crisis support. *Tammy has lived experience only and is not a licensed therapist or medical doctor.


Tammy has developed The Prismatic Path Long Distance Healing Service to assist others who are financially burdened due to their circumstances and/or where they are in their Emergence process. Tammy will send you long distance Reiki (Universal Healing Energy) which enables you to be wherever you are and receive healing energy when you need it.  All you have to do is get comfortable and be open to receive.  Please contact Tammy to set an appointment.  All times are Pacific Standard Time. $15/20 minutes.


Spiritual Emergence Sacred Circle is an opportunity to meet and share with others in various stages of Emergence. Led by Tammy, meetings are safe, sacred, supportive and confidential. Each person will have a pre-determined amount of time to share based upon the size of the group and will be provided with resources to take home to support their ongoing process of Emergence. Held in various locations in the Los Angeles area. Please contact Tammy to bring this and other special events to your city or studio.


Healing is not only for people, but spaces and places too! Cleansing and Clearing Services are available in the LA area. Have Tammy come to your home or office to create the energetic atmosphere that you need to live and work at your best. She is also available via Skype or FaceTime for instructional workshops so you can learn to do it yourself! Reach out via the contact page to get the process started.


Private Reiki appointments are available on Tuesdays from 12-5pm at SoulPlay Yoga in Culver City, CA. Please visit their website to sign up!


Restorative Yoga and Reiki Workshops   *This workshop occurs in various venues in the LA area at the price of $35/person. Follow Tammy on Instagram for local happenings or contact her to set up a private event for your family & friends. Additional fees may apply. Please contact Tammy if you would like to bring this workshop to your studio or event.


Yoga and Spiritual Awakening, an interactive class based on the 8 Limbs of Yoga, teaches you practical tools and accessible ways to support your Self in spiritual awakening while maintaining physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellness.


Mudra Flow Workshops are available to be customized and taught at your studio or event. Please inquire here for more information.