Yoni Hoop Earrings


The Yoni Hoop Earrings represent the Divine Feminine. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vulva and is the symbol for the sacred part of us, male or female, that creates and manifests with Spirit. To work with the Divine Feminine is to practice embodiment. The earrings are a reminder that when we move and work from this space, we become the bridge between the realms. We, literally, are where Heaven and Earth meet. Namaste.

The Yoni Hoop Earrings are gold filled, 40mm in diameter and 2″ long. The design is made by hand weaving rose gold-plated metal beads with the ancient square stitch method. These beads will weather into a nice distressed copper look. Please keep in a pouch to prevent tarnishing.

All pieces are made by hand with Reiki flowing and a lot of Love. <3

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