The High Priestess Candle


Organic soy wax candle made with organic and sustainable wild harvested essential oils, resins, and absolutes in an 8 oz. Egyptian Alabaster container.

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I found these beautiful containers the other day and knew I wanted to use them to make candles. Knowing nothing about them, other than they were beautiful, I waited a few days to go back and make the purchase. In the meantime, I used my ability as a channel to receive inspiration for the perfume formula and knew the candle would be an homage to the High Priestesses of Egypt.

So I go back to the store to pick up the container and find out that the material is Egyptian Alabaster! Otherwise, known as Calcite. One theory for the name is that it is derived from the Goddess Bast who was the goddess of perfumes and whose image was carved out of the alabaster that was used as perfume ointment containers in Ancient Egypt. She is also a solar goddess, connected to the sun and moon, and the protector of home and family. Calcite is sourced from natural hot springs, is an energy amplifier, heals the body and mind, and clears and activates all the chakras while being especially useful in association with Sahasrara, the crown chakra. It is also linked to the astrological sign of Cancer which is the sign corresponding to mother, home and family! Now look at this!

Ingredients used in this candle:
Frankincense, Myrhh, and Opoponax: all are known to alleviate anxiety, stress, nervous tension and can be an aid to meditation by deepening and slowing down the breath which calms the mind.

Immortelle: for all healing on all levels and supports mental and emotional heath; immortal soul

Egyptian Jasmine: antidepressant, stress and anxiety relief

Rose: cures insomnia, headaches and relieves depression

White Lotus: the most sacred flower in Egypt and India; symbol of the Sun, used in meditation, activates Sahasrara, the crown chakra, and is regenerative

Cardamom: mental fatigue and nervous strain

Come to find out, ALL of these ingredients were used in Ancient Egypt! Talk about synchronization! It just doesn’t get any better than this! I use this candle during my morning practice and can report an amplification of the energy with a pressure and tingling at the crown. And it smells, to me, like Heaven on Earth!