High Priestess Selenite Wand On the Go


The High Priestess Necklace is for the priestess on the go who needs her selenite wand at a moment’s notice. Selenite is unparalleled in its ability to cleanse and clear all people, places and spaces. I, personally, keep it in every room of my home, carry it in my purse, wear it around my neck and use larger wands for clearing practitioners during restorative yoga class, Reiki sessions, and for myself after class or giving a session.¬†I also like to take the necklace off and wrap around my wrist to assist in drawing symbols.

The selenite is accented with a blue labradorite tear drop which is supportive of magic, psychic connection and provides protection. The blue also balances the Visuddha (throat) Chakra, therefore, enhancing clear communication and the channeling of sacred messages.

The gold-plated, hand woven, square stitched¬† “chain” is connected with Siloni Moonstone, a beautiful white moonstone that carries the vibration and healing energy of the Moon. It nurtures our Spirit, balances our masculine and feminine aspects and brings balance and clarity to our emotions. This necklace does it all!

The High Priestess Necklace is 31″ long and the selenite pendant is variable; about 2.5″-4″, so about 33-36″ total. All wire wrapping is done with gold filled wire.

All pieces are made by hand with Reiki flowing and a lot of Love. <3



Only 3 left in stock (can be backordered)