Reiki in Egyptian Alabaster Column Candle


Reiki charged organic soy wax candle that has been hand charged and poured by Tammy into an Egyptian Alabaster Column. *Do not get wet or clean with water. Can wipe with a damp cloth if needed.

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Egyptian Alabaster’s name, otherwise known as Calcite, is theoretically derived from the Goddess Bast. She is the goddess of perfumes and whose image was carved out of the alabaster that was used as perfume ointment containers in Ancient Egypt. She is also a solar goddess, connected to the sun and moon, and the protector of home and family. Calcite is sourced from natural hot springs, is known to be an energy amplifier, may heal the body and mind, and can assist in clearing and activating all the chakras while being especially useful  in association with Sahasrara, the crown chakra. It is also linked to the astrological sign of Cancer which is the sign corresponding to mother, home and family. It is the perfect container to hold the gentle flowing universal healing energy of Reiki. Light it during meditation, or anytime you need a moment to chill out. The energy will spread out into the room, calming, clearing, and releasing any stress, anxiety, and/or tension.