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Labyrinth Walking

July 19, 2018

The last time I was at this labyrinth I was about to be married. I didn’t even walk it. But today, I drove cross country, mourning and grieving my Father’s death, specifically to take this journey inward. To reflect upon the past 6 1/2 years. To not only see, but feel, the distance I have traveled in that time. To physically seal the past by honoring it through the ritual of walking the labyrinth.
Walking with Reiki in my Heart and praying through Mudra that we each be held in the wings of the Divine Mother (garuda mudra), that we will gain the Wisdom and Compassion needed to die to ourselves gracefully rather than through the resistance of the Ego (vajrapradana mudra), that we know our Sacredness through our Yonis (yoni mudra), and remain centered and balanced through all Life’s transitions (trimurti mudra). I pray for All to heal. It is in our own healing that so will Mother Earth, whose karma and dharma is to nurture, hold and provide for us so that we may Emerge (mani ratna mudra).
In deepest devotion and reverence (anjali mudra),

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