Tammy Minton Gitter

The Prismatic Path


The Prismatic Path is based on an understanding, through vision, that Tammy experienced and continues to experience every day:  We are each a prism, channel, vessel, for the Light of the Divine, and All That Is, to shine through and each of us carries an energetic blueprint (path) for our lives. It is in the refraction and display of unique colors that is each individual’s Life that we get to experience this Divinity and it gets to experience us, Life, and Itself. Always co-creating, it is guiding us back to ourselves, down The Prismatic Path to the home in our Heart, where we join in union(yoga) with All That Is. This is the promise of the rainbow, to show up splendidly and then gracefully dissolve back into the One.

Tammy’s Prismatic Path led her to the ancient practices of tantric yoga, energetic healing and Reiki, crafting, singing and storytelling by presenting her with various crises and Spiritual Emergencies (when the process of awakening disrupts normal functioning), creating a deep need for healing that went beyond dogma and religion. These practices, along with her many teachers, are what brought her back to the home in her Heart and she is now ready to help you uncover your Prismatic Path and energetic blueprint that will lead you back to yours. In Love and Devotion. Om


Photo taken by Tammy Minton Gitter in Sequoia National Monument.  “Mandala In the Sky”~ Promises were made and promises are being kept.