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Prismatic Healing

Prismatic Healing offers multiple paths to finding your way back to health, well being, and the home in your Heart.

Path 1) Sign up online for long distance healing sessions which are available in 20 minute increments at an affordable rate. Want a longer session?  Just sign up for sessions that are back to back!

Using the extraordinary power and intuition of Reiki (Universal Energy) to support, assist and even accelerate the natural process of healing the body and Soul (Homeostasis), multiple issues in your life will be attended to and healed over time. Whether your struggles are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, Universal Energy, in conjunction with your openness, intention and surrender, will assist you in healing by raising your vibrational frequency, cleaning and clearing out illnesses of all kinds.

Path 2) Contact Tammy via the contact page and schedule a private session in your home or office. Along with the healing power of Reiki, Tammy will share with you any information or insights she receives through the healing process. Available in the Los Angeles, CA area and limited availability in SC.

Path 3) Schedule a private Prismatic Restorative Yoga and Reiki session for yourself or a group. Additional fees may apply. Available in the Los Angeles, CA area and limited availability in SC.

Path 4) Tammy is a craftswoman of unique organic perfumes, organic oil blends, and homemade incense (organic ingredients when possible).  Allow her to create a custom blend to assist you on your personal path. All blends are infused with your intention(Sankalpa in Sanskrit) and topped off with the healing energy of Reiki. Prices vary.

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