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Spiritual Emergence(y)

Energy Based Living

Electrified Grove

By On April 11, 2017

F**k…….S**t……. Too far I have grown, I cannot un-see the seen, Or unknow the now known. The Heart has been struck down, Hollowed out by Spirit fire, Preparation for becoming a vessel,… Read More

Energy Based Living

An Open Letter to the American People

By On February 22, 2017

I wrote this the morning after the election, but feel it is an appropriate reminder of how I choose to move forward into the next few days and the next four years. … Read More

Prismatic Path

Freedom of Speech (Why I Am Marching On Washington)

By On February 22, 2017

Twisting and turning, on the dark, desolate drive into the unknown at night, Exhausted enough to sleep despite the overwhelming fright. Wheels turning, brakes burning, rocks slipping and sliding, Will the roots… Read More

Energy Based Living

How to “Cope” with Feeling Good

By On October 15, 2014

We all know we need to breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat good food in order to be healthy and perform at our best. I am originally from South Carolina… Read More